Stories from the Subtext

by Amsterdam Station

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released July 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Amsterdam Station Atlanta, Georgia

Chris Connelly, Andy Potash, Greg Jarvis, and Shafer Gray

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Track Name: Sons and Daughters of the Revolution
Up before the dawn we seize the day,

In the valley of our lives

We fall in line one by one

We are the foreign thunder with the rising sun

Beckoned by duty’s call

With a firm belief in “all for one

and one for all” as the cadence that

we proudly preach

As we march our way to the sea

To defend the land we’ve known to call home

To insure a place where our sons and

daughters can thrive

So walk a mile in my boots and you’ll see

That this shit ain’t for cowards

who give up in the hour of defeat

Strap your shoulders back and come out strong

If you intend to defend your life

and civil liberties

To defend the land we’ve known to call home.

To insure a place where our

sons & daughters can thrive.

To know that the soldier beside

you would save your life.
Track Name: Headlights
Headlights shine

Fade and dim

Shadows dance

On the walls within your room

Let us in

Sunday's best

Draped in chairs

Cool and calm

With our shaking hands

Anxious to the touch and feel

I see lights bend and blur beneath

The colors break and collide

Fractured hues illuminate

The life within your eyes

And how I've long to

Hang my hat inside

Of the house you call a home

And take my name as your own

Tops of trees

Burning with their

Autumn leaves

In the fashion of a passion

I would like to find
Track Name: White Dove
Waiting around by the clock it’s a quarter to five

And I’m hell bent and spent on the fringes of life

Where you stand in my helpless hands

And the doctors telling

me “Well son my apologies

But we’ve done all that we could,

but your wife and child...”

Well he shook his head and walked away as I felt the levy break and purged the

world of

everything I’d come to love

Heaven if your on my side show me the road

Help me Lord ‘cause I can’t feel anymore

I’ve taken all that I can endure this time.

So does he have your eyes

Does he have your smile

Does he laugh out loud for all of the while

Does he sing your praise like I do

Or is he shy at all

Does he woo the crowd with all of my charm

I can only hope for when St. Peter won’t

Tell me to step out of line

He said “step out of line boy it’s not your time”

So I step out of line
Track Name: Love is a Martyr
You’ve said it once before

The mystery behind these walls

Lives within the cracks and

The breaks upon these weathered stones

And I know that you’ve done your fair share of

Chiseling away at all the distractions

That I have been setting up for

your persistent questioning

And endless games of playing

the victim to the point

Where I come undone

So it seems that there comes a time

Where we all fall in love

and then fall out of line

Seasons they change and time wears us all

By endlessly spinning our worlds back and forth

But here me now

Let it go

Let it rise above

Let it sink below

Cause its all the same to me

when you live your life in a fantasy

The knelling bell is ringing in your ears

All the things that you’ve come to fear

This is the consequence of a life you lead

Where tomorrow just seems obsolete

For love is a martyr and I am its ghost

Aimlessly wondering among these

Heavenly hosts in a failed attempt

To find someone better than you
Track Name: Burn
The curtains fall

The public leave

our names in the theater marquis

The accolades that we receive

are nothing more than the labors lost and grieved.

Cause I was wrong never knowing when the point to come back from where we


And now we’re lost

Yeah we’re lost behind the fame

Let it burn, Let it burn.

From the ash to the earth

From the soot to the sky

I let it burn

The fall from grace, the great divide the labors lost

here is burning our remains

‘Cause yeah we’re lost

But you’re lost and unashamed

Let it burn, Let it burn.

the ash to the earth

From the soot to the sky

I let it burn

I’ve been in love and been left estranged

So I’m giving up now and burning what remains

Slow dancing in time this love has passed us by

So arrogant now to see

Arrogant now to know

Arrogant so,

Let it burn

Let it burn

Let it burn all that remains

Let it burn.